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Online Order to Buy (Mail or Pick up):

Buying foreign cash is now easier with Ultimate Currency Exchange. Simply click on the Order to Buy button in our Calculator at the right side of the web pages and fill in the order form online and then choose either to receive it by mail or pick it up from one of our branches in Ottawa. Online Orders are accepted for the values less than $3,000.
Using UCE online order form to buy US dollar, euro, Mexican pesos or even rare currencies. Buy Vietnamese Dong, Buy Iraqi Dinars or any one of 100 foreign currency from our list.

Receive by mail:

We are not like others to hide the shipping fee in our exchange rates. Compare our rates with other competitors and find out our price would be lower even with the shipping fee. The shipping fee is $20.00 for Ontario and $30.00 for anywhere else in Canada. After filling our online order form, you will receive an invoice by email. Please mail a money order or personal check for the total amount per your invoice to pay for your foreign currency.

Pick up at the store:

This way you have a peace of mind that your currencies are ready at our store when you visit one of our stores. Pick up orders are available in two business days or earlier (we would email you if it is available earlier). Please note the exchange rates are for indication only. The rate of your transaction would be per the market rate of the day that you visit the store.

Online Order to Sell:

Simply click on the Order to Sell button in our Calculator at the right side of the web pages and fill in the order form and then choose either to be paid through a check by mail or deposit into the bank account. After receiving the invoice by email, then you mail your foreign currency to our address as will be indicated in your invoice.
Please visit our terms and conditions for using our website and online order for foreign currencies.

To start to order online, please enter the amount in the Buying box in our Calculator, choose your requested currency and click the Order button.

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