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US Travel SIM Card / UK Travel SIM Card

US Travel SIM cards and UK Travel SIM cards are available for sale at all of our branches for $10. Please note you should have an unlocked Phone for using these SIM cards. You have to buy credit on the SIM card's website, then after you can talk, text and surf across US or UK. Travel with peace of mind and avoid humongous roaming bills!

How to avoid humongous roaming bills

When you are planning a vacation outside of Canada, consider our below advices for avoiding a humongous cell phone roaming bill:

  1. If you want to use your own cell phone, for sure check before with your wireless carrier to see what roaming plans it offers. They have travelling plans that could be cheaper than normal roaming charges.
  2. If you don't want to use your own cell phone, then turn data roaming off in its settings or even remove your SIM card from your phone. But still have your phone during the travel and use your phone with Wi-Fi for internet apps, some can be used for talking too but not through your normal cell phone number.
  3. Use an unlocked phone and buy a SIM card of the country you are travelling in. Pay in advance and then you know exactly what it is costing you to talk on the phone or to use data.
  4. If you came back home and found a huge wireless data bill, call your carrier and ask if they'll help. Usually they provide some discounts and reduce the large amounts.

Don't pay roaming charge with your phone. Have an unlocked phone with a local SIM card for your next trip and save dollars!

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